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March 2-4, 2020

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by Raw Signal Group


Toronto, Canada


March 2-4, 2020
9am-4pm daily

The average manager gets interrupted 198 times a day. No wonder most of us feel like we need a minute to breathe.


This is for the bosses who are underwater, or hovering above it. This is for our second shifters. The folks managing people during the day and trying to stay on top of the rest of it at night.

This is a program for bosses who need time to work on their skills and themselves.

This is about taking the near burnout, crispy at the edges, barely hanging on version and turning it into something amazing. It’s about building sustainable habits - that serve you, the people you manage, and the organizations where you work.

This is the program you’ve been waiting for. Three days of in-depth and transformative work. Skills you’ll eventually figure out over the next decade of your career. Condensed. We’ll walk you through how to bring executive boss skills to every layer of management, from first time tech lead all the way to the C-suite.

As your organization grows, everything gets harder. Focus is harder. Communication is harder. And everyone needs more from you as a leader. Whether you’re new to leading teams or have been at it for decades, your success or failure hinges on your ability to level up. This March, we’re taking three days to do just that.

Join us.


Get clear on your strategy

If you don’t have clarity, your people won’t either. Learn how to get to the root
of what matters most. Develop tools to hold your team, your peers, and yourself, accountable to results with real impact.

Build a Thriving Team

As leaders, our effectiveness is measured by the strength of our teams. Explore techniques to help your people grow and take on bigger challenges. Learn how to give feedback your people can hear, even when it’s hard.

Develop Your Leadership Plan

We’re told to be authentic leaders but never told what that means. Reflect on your personal leadership style. Get deliberate around
how you show up in the role. Create a plan
to make lasting change.

Can't wait
to see you!

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Group Rates


We’ve worked with thousands of leaders in fast-paced and high growth organizations. Our HR counterparts tell us we get through to the leaders who are hardest to reach. The ones who came up through the organization as early employees. Or the recent additions who came in to build process but just can’t seem to find their footing. We reach the leaders who have so much potential and could be so great...if only

If only they could break through the daily noise. If only they could internalize the strategy that will drive the next phase of the organization’s growth. If only they could get out of their own way.

Much of the work we do is still high-touch, customized, one company at a time. But there are common challenges that all bosses struggle to overcome. There are common blockers that stop leaders from fulfilling their true potential. And that’s what Betterboss is all about. 

Interested in sending up to eight leaders from your organization? Check out our group rates.  

Want to get your entire management corps trained up? Shoot us a note.

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Johnathan and Melissa are founders of Raw Signal Group and best-selling authors of
How F*cked Up Is Your Management?