9am / February 26th / The distillery district

Work In Progress:
A Day to Define and Design Your Own Career



A Day to Define and Design
Your Own Career


The Distillery District
Toronto, ON


9:00am — 4:30pm
February 26th, 2019


Maybe you’ve got it all figured out. Maybe you’ve had amazing bosses who helped you chart a course from one phase of your career to the next. Maybe you’ve enjoyed seamless mentorship at every step.

But most of us haven’t.

Whether we’re early in our careers or have been at it for a long time, most of us have had some bumps along the way. We’ve had moments where the question “what do you want?” didn’t fill us with excitement, but with debilitating dread. We’ve had times where we’d outgrown our current job, or knew we could be doing more or playing a bigger role in a company we loved, but weren’t sure where to start.

If that’s you, this is where we start.

We start with the knowledge that work doesn’t have to suck. We take a firm stance that caring about your career development isn’t at odds with enjoying your job or loving your company. And we go on this journey together because we can all use some help figuring out what we need from our careers, and how to get it.

What will happen:

  • You’ll have uncomfortable conversations, talking through common challenges in career progression.

  • You’ll get clear on what you want, exploring where you are today and where you want to go.

  • You’ll learn how to level up, on everything from negotiating and advocating for yourself to no-gimmicks career breakthrough advice.

  • You’ll walk away with a concrete plan that outlines where you want to go, the story you want to tell, and the work that has to happen to get you there.

We’re not here to inspirational-quote you. This is real, fired-up take-home advice that gives you everything you need to reimagine what work can be, including the stuff that’s already in your back pocket.


We can't wait to see you.


Get Your Company On Board

We know that highly engaged employees are key to highly engaged workplaces. To the frustration of many CEOs, engagement isn’t something that comes from the top down. It’s something that people feel in their bones when their work and their passions are aligned. Engagement reduces turnover and increases profitability, yet many workplaces find that connection between employees and their work elusive.

Most bosses we talk with struggle with how to do career pathing for their people, particularly in industries like tech where there isn’t a direct line from one role to the next. The HR folks we meet are trying to help the leaders in their organizations navigate this challenge.

It’s not enough for HR to develop a skills matrix if no one knows how to use it. It’s not enough for the boss to talk about skills development in weekly one:ones if their staff worry they’re on the wrong path.

It starts with the employee being clear on what they want. From that place of clarity, all things flow. The discussions in one:ones are more productive because the employee can bring directionality and a point of view to their own growth path. And HR becomes a key partner in leveling up the entire organization - ensuring that people are playing to their strengths and finding deep fulfillment in their work.  

Interested in helping several members of your team unlock amazing careers? Email us for group rates.


About The Nightingales

Johnathan and Melissa Nightingale are the founders of Raw Signal Group and best-selling authors of How F*cked Up Is Your Management? An Uncomfortable Conversation About Modern Leadership. Prior to Raw Signal Group, Johnathan and Melissa were both tech execs who spent their careers running large parts of companies (product, eng, data, design, marketing, pr, you name it). They worked with companies you’ve heard of (Mozilla, IBM, Hubba, Edmodo, Wattpad, Creative Commons) and some you haven’t heard of yet.

About Raw Signal Group

Founded in 2017, Raw Signal Group offers management and leadership training for growing organizations. No trust falls. Just concrete skills for teams that need to do hard things.


What Inclusion Means to Us

Everyone should have access to the tools that make their work better, more fulfilling, more humane. We want our events to be accessible and inviting for anyone earnestly focused on doing the work. And we recognize that much of our own background and opportunity came from a place of privilege that many don’t have access to. We want to do better. And for us, that means several things:

  • All Raw Signal Events have a Code of Conduct (see below) that we require all participants to read in advance, and adhere to throughout.

  • We have set aside 10% of our total ticket pool for subsidized tickets, prioritizing underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals. If you want to attend but feel that you’ll need a subsidized ticket to be able to do so, email us.

  • Our venue has accessible entrances, and we will use amplified sound for those with hearing difficulties. You will be asked about any other accommodations you may need during registration.

  • While the venue’s restrooms are gendered, we encourage you to use whichever one feels appropriate to you.

Finally we acknowledge, with gratitude, that our event is happening on land that is the territory of the Huron-Wendat and Petun First Nations, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. Toronto is in the 'Dish With One Spoon Territory’. The Dish With One Spoon is a treaty between the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas and Haudenosaunee that bound them to share the territory and protect the land. Subsequent Indigenous Nations and peoples, Europeans and all newcomers have been invited into this treaty in the spirit of peace, friendship and respect.

Code of Conduct

This policy is a "living" document, and subject to refinement and expansion in the future. Last updated Jan 2, 2019.

Everyone participating in a Raw Signal Event—including, but not limited to the event itself and alum communities—is required to agree to the following Code of Conduct. This includes all attendees, speakers, performers, patrons (sponsors), volunteers, and staff.

Raw Signal Group is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neurotype, physical appearance, body, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, language, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form.

Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct may be sanctioned or expelled from these spaces at the discretion of the Raw Signal Group partners. Refunds will not be given.


Harassment includes:

  • Offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neurotype, physical appearance, body, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, language, or religion

  • Unwelcome comments regarding a person’s lifestyle choices and practices, including those related to food, health, parenting, drugs, and employment

  • Deliberate misgendering or use of ‘dead’ or rejected names

  • Gratuitous or off-topic sexual images or behaviour in spaces where they’re not appropriate

  • Physical contact and simulated physical contact (eg, textual descriptions like “hug” or “backrub”) without consent or after a request to stop

  • Threats of violence

  • Incitement of violence towards any individual, including encouraging a person to commit suicide or to engage in self-harm

  • Deliberate intimidation

  • Stalking or following

  • Harassing photography or recording, including logging online activity for harassment purposes

  • Sustained disruption of discussion

  • Unwelcome sexual attention

  • Pattern of inappropriate social contact, such as requesting/assuming inappropriate levels of intimacy with others

  • Continued one-on-one communication after requests to cease

  • Deliberate “outing” of any aspect of a person’s identity without their consent except as necessary to protect other community members or other vulnerable people from intentional abuse

  • Publication of non-harassing private communication without consent by the involved parties

Raw Signal events prioritize marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort. Raw Signal Group reserves the right not to act on complaints regarding:

  • ‘Reverse’ -isms, including ‘reverse racism,’ ‘reverse sexism,’ and ‘cisphobia’

  • Reasonable communication of boundaries, such as “leave me alone,” “go away,” or “I’m not discussing this with you.”

  • Communicating in a ‘tone’ you don’t find congenial

  • Criticizing racist, sexist, cissexist, or otherwise oppressive behavior or assumptions


Participants asked to stop any harassing behaviour are expected to comply immediately.

If a participant engages in harassing behaviour, Raw Signal Group may take any action we deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion from all Raw Signal Group spaces and identification of the participant as a harasser to other event participants or the general public.


If you are being harassed by an attendee at a Raw Signal Event or other member of the Raw Signal Group community, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact us immediately via email at events@rawsignal.ca.

Please contact any member of our staff, volunteer or security team. Our team will be identified at the beginning of each event, and will be trained in how to address and report any incidents that attendees bring to their attention.

If the person who is harassing you is a member of staff or a volunteer, they will recuse themselves from handling your incident.

All reports will be handled in the strictest confidence. We will respond as promptly as we can.


This policy is based in large part on the XOXO Festival’s 2018 CoC, and we are grateful beyond measure for their choice to license their policy under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. This policy is likewise licensed CC-BY.

The XOXO version of the policy includes the following acknowledgements to which we now add our own profound thanks:

This policy was based on resources provided by Geek Feminism, and borrows heavily from similar open source policies authored by JSConf AU and Django.

Thank you also to Ashe Dryden and Karolina Szczur for their advice and support.